Our values inform all aspects of our work.

Community Environment

We exist to bring together and
celebrate the diverse community of Northampton through practical action and inspiring activities.


We aim to provide a place where everyone belongs and where everyone can help to build community co-operation and transform
our town.

We believe that our environment is the world we live in and the minds and consciousness of those that live in it.


We promote a sustainable and responsible way of living in balance with the environment and believe that small changes locally bring about big changes globally.

Equality Co-operative

In promoting equality we respect the rights of all beings.

We will recognise disadvantage and ensure equality of opportunity and pay to enable each individual to freely contribute to our vision.




We are a co-operative of like-minded people who work together to strengthen our community and the bonds between individuals in our community.


We strive to reach decisions by consensus wherever possible.


We are committed to improve social and environmental conditions through practical action and leading by example.


We are a peaceful organisation that is non-party political and religiously neutral.



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