Who's Who?

This section is a 'Whos Who' of the people involved on a regular basis. For information about people involved in running the festival see the Umbrella Fair Festival section.

UFO Co-ordination Group Members:

Membership of the UFO Co-ordination Group is open to anyone who has an interest in our work (non UFO members do not have voting rights). The group meets every Monday night at the pavilion and they responsible for moving the work of the whole of the organisation on.  

Ian Bates

Project Co-ordinator and a Director

I've been involved with UFO since the 1990's and I'm a founder member. As the Project Co-ordinator I get involved in most things, but my main job is to plan the work of UFO. I'm also the Treasurer so I do all the finance stuff. I'm a spreadsheet freak. I'm a Northampton boy and proud of it, born in the Mounts and always lived within 3 miles of the Racecourse. I want to be part of developing a stronger local community, that cares about each other and the environment, which is why I'm so passionate about UFO. I'm inspired by the people and the vision & values of UFO.

John Clarke
Main Areas Stalls at the festival and I.T.
Director, book and organise stalls for the festival, manage I.T. needs as required.
"Originally one of the founders/organisers for Northampton Green Festival. When that was retired by the Members I helped revive the Umbrella Fair to carry on the work of that festival." 

Kevin Stoney

Artists/musicians hospitality co-ordinator at Umbrella Fair & UFO video promotions.

"Since moving to Northampton from London several years ago, I soon realised that there were many  exciting things happening here - particularly when discovering the Umbrella Fair. I knew I just had to get involved somehow, but what role?! I started to volunteer at the UFO Festival and noticed there was no hospitality for the artists/musicians. This I felt was an important omission as the artists had given their time to perform for free. My role as a hospitality co-ordinator was found! 
Because of my professional skills as a filmmaker, I also found myself making promotional videos for UFO and helping with the UFO Pavilion development"

Martin Wills

Mel Rogers

UFO Director, Performance Co-ordinator and Cafe Co-ordinator

"I first became involved with the Umbrella Fair through my work as a musician and youth worker so i ran the first youth stage. Over the years i increased my involvement and 2 years ago became a director. For me UFO provides a brilliant suportive network for my creative ideas and with the Umbrella Pavilion a chance to make an ongoing, positive difference to our community"


Mikey Billing

Peter Robertson

Part of the co-ordinating group
Part of the team that runs the Dub Tent at the Umbrella Fair
Also worked in project planning and strategic planning.
I stopped to ask for directions when walking across the Racecourse Park (a well-known hunting ground for UFO recruitment) and before I knew what had happened I had agreed to plumb in a new toilet at The Pavilion!
The truth is that I was introduced to Ian Bates through Mikey Billing (soundsystem operator at the Dub Tent and resident jack-of-all trades) and was immediately impressed with his vision for a community cooperative that provided a creative outlet for the talent in Northampton and encouraged community cohesion. That, and Mel's cakes!

Richard Powell

 As someone who has been a community activist and campaigner for more than 30 years, I recognise  the Umbrella Fair as unique, inclusive and sustainable way for local people to lead the development of their communities. I'm looking forward to what comes next!

Sean Silver

Shirley Strickland

UFO Pavilion Team

The UFO Pavilion Team are our paid members of staff. They have the responsibility of getting the Pavilion Project up and running, including raising the funding required for the full refurbishment (£ 350,000-500,00). Each member of the team works one day a week and collectively they cover the pavilion rota Monday-Saturday. 

Project Co-ordinator & Fundraiser - Ian Bates

The Project Co-ordinator is essentially the team leader. Ian is responsible for creating a Business Plan which identifies targets & mile stones for achieving the project objectives & ensuring that each member of the team has & achieves individual targets aligned with the project aim.  


The Fundraiser is responsible for creating a Fundraising strategy which achieves the fundraising target of £500,000 within one year, including obtaining funding for the organisation to continue its work throughout the fundraising period. The strategy will need to encompass the best fundraising practice & be designed to maximise the fundraising potential of all aspects of the organisation

Communication & Community Engagement Co-ordinator - Mel Rogers

Mel as the Communications & Community Engagement Co-ordinator will write & implement a Communication plan which ensures that both the local & wider community are fully aware of the work of Umbrella Fair Organisation. Additionally the role will develop engagement with the local community encouraging support for the work of UFO & grow the involvement of local people across the 5 ways of engaging with UFO.

Volunteering Co-ordinator - Richard Powell

The Volunteer Co-ordinator will be responsible for volunteer recruitment, induction, support & retention. Working closely with all members of the team, but specifically the Activities Co-ordinator, Richard will ensure that adequate & suitable volunteers are recruited & engaged to cover all the activities of the organisation, specifically those at the pavilion.

Activities Co-ordinator - Martin Wills

The Activities Co-ordinator is a hands on role which creates volunteering activities throughout the organisation but specifically within the pavilion & then supports the volunteers to carry out the activities. This will include refurbishment of an area of the pavilion to create a café, cleaning & repairing marquees, building staging or shelving, creating banners & signage for the festival. The Activities Co-ordinator & Volunteer Co-ordinator will work very closely together.

Social Enterprise Co-ordinator - Mikey Billing

The SocialEnterprise Co-ordinator will support & grow the existing, & develop new UFO social enterprises. Mikey will write business plans & budgets and market the social enterprises.

Work Placement Team

We have a number of community work placement volunteers, they are:

Ben Johnson.

Ben has been involved with UFO for a few years since helping out at our Vegan banquet in 2012. He's been a regular part of the pavilion team and has had a hand in almost every stage of the refurbishment. He's also been a key member of the festival site management team. Last year he formalised his volunteering with us by becoming a Community Work Placement. 

Jonny Hammond.

Jonny joined the UFO team in July 2014 through a community work placement scheme. Since joining he has developed many new skills and grown significantly. He has become a key member of the refurbishment team, but is always enthusiastic to help out with anything.  

Tony O'Regan.

Tony joined the UFO team in July 2014 to support our administration function. Since then he has become the Office Administrator. He has a wealth of administration skills which we are very grateful to have and can do almost everything we ask him to do. 

Deane Cockerill.

Deane joined the UFO team in February 2015 to further support our administration function. 


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