Umbrella Fair Organisation              Terms and Conditions of Hire

Please take time to read carefully

1/. The hirer is responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery until its collection. All customers are responsible for breakages damage and loss.


2/. No heating or cooking equipment is to be used in the marquee without prior written permission from Umbrella Fair Organisation.


3/. The period of hire shall mean the period when Umbrella Fair Organisation have erected the equipment until they dismantle it, usually 48 hours any longer period required will be subject to an additional fee.


4/.All equipment should be returned clean and in good condition.


5/. Bookings are accepted subject to availability of stock and on receipt of a 25% deposit (non-refundable). The balance is to be paid 10 days prior to the event. If the event is cancelled the Umbrella Fair Organisation reserve the right to charge 50% of the total hire cost quoted. If cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to the event. If cancelled less than 4 weeks, the full charge will be made.


6/. The hire charges are based on the assumption that the site is level, flat, firm and vehicular access is provided. The hirer must inform Umbrella Fair Organisation of any cables, pipes, drains or other services that may be buried under the surface, failure to do so will result in the hirer being liable for any damage. Umbrella Fair Organisation does not accept responsibility for any damage to the site caused by the erection of the marquee or vehicles required to carry out the work.


7/. In reasonable time before the company erects any of the equipment, the hirer shall inform the company where on the site the equipment is to be erected. In the absence of such information the company shall be at liberty to erect the equipment in a different position the company sees fit. If thereafter the hirer required the company to erect the equipment in a different position on the site , the company may accordingly re-erect the equipment if there is reasonable time in which to-do so before the period of hire commences and the company shall charge to the hirer the reasonable cost of so doing. We reserve the right also to erect tents to any size near to that order.


8/.No responsibility can be accepted for injury caused by the use of the equipment hired.


9/. When any breakages or losses arise no substitute items can be accepted


10/. The hirer shall satisfy themself as to the condition of the equipment supplied at the time of acceptance of the equipment, by the hirer, their agent or employee.


11/. The hirer shall not make any alterations or modifications to the equipment.


12/. All bookings must be made in writing accompanied by the full deposit.


13/. The hire charges do not include attendance and security services. The hirer will be responsible for the maintenance and security of the equipment during the whole period of hire and must ensure that the marquee is secure when not in use.


14/. The marquee and equipment is the responsibility of the hirer from the time it is fully erected until the time it is dismantled and removed from site. Under normal circumstances the marquee has to be staked, if weights are requested because stakes cannot be used, Umbrella Fair Organisation under any circumstances will not be held responsible for any damage to marquee and equipment or third party properties.


15/. Although the company will use its best endeavours to fulfil every contract, performance of the contract is subject to variation or cancellation by the company in consequence of trade disputes, fire, act of God, war, civil emergencies, break down, failure or restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power, requisitioning or any other cause beyond the reasonable exception or control of Umbrella Fair Organisation.





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